Where To Do Your Asian Wedding Shopping In The UK

Gayatri Pillai     06 Oct 2017

UK Shopping
While many South Asian couples take a trip to India or Pakistan to find their dream wedding attire, there are now just as many choices available in the UK.

The United Kingdom has become a vibrant and multi-cultural nation. According to 2011 consensus, Britain now has an Indian population alone of more than 1.4 million people in the UK, therefore it comes as no surprise that the British Asian wedding industry has exploded to become an industry worth over £3 billion a year.

So if you were thinking of booking your ticket back home to find that perfect outfit, keep reading as we reveal the top five UK cities for you to do all your wedding shopping.


UK Shopping   UK Shopping
Our first stop is in the heart of the country in the vibrant city of Leicester. Recognised as one of the most diverse cities in the UK , Leicester has one of the highest percentages of South Asians in a single settlement in England and Wales. When it comes to shopping, Leicester offers a variety of choices, making it the closest Britain comes to an Indian Bazaar. Known as the Golden Mile, the streets of Belgrave and Melton road is the home of the largest selection of Indian jewelry shops outside of India. The mile stretched road is adorned with an enviable selection of sari houses to give you plenty of choice to find the perfect attire. So take a trip down to Leicester to find what you are looking for, and more. Also, find discounted prices and offers during special festivals. Another reason to love Leicester more.


Our next stop is in West London, in the suburban district of Southall. Over 55% of this lively city's population of 70,000 are Indians and Pakistanis. Sometimes known as little India, the shopping experience here will make you feel like you took a quick trip and stepped right into India or Pakistan.

Southall Broadway offers a wide range of ethnic shops and boutiques, with an even bigger selection of South Asian wedding wear. The street includes specialist wedding shops, making it the perfect place to find your ideal wedding outfit. So head to Southall to absorb the Asian atmosphere and find everything you need for your big day.


Birmingham   Birmingham
When it comes to finding South Asian attire in Birmingham, it is certainly not difficult. Located in the West Midlands, 26% of the city's population is made up of Asians. With nearly 300 stores across Birmingham, there are multiple Asian stores located across Soho Road, Coventry Road and Alum Rock shopping centre.

With the wide range of shops available, there is something to suit everyone of all religions, traditions and for all budgets. You can choose from ready-made dresses or visit boutiques that can customise, design and tailor outfits for you. So take a visit to Birmingham to create your own signature bridal attire that captures your style and personality for your fairy-tale wedding.


We are heading north next to the urban city of Manchester. Located on the South of Manchester is the ever famous Curry Mile. This long street that stretches to Wilmslow Road is mile of Asian culture, wall to wall with displays of shimmering saris, Asian markets and jewelry stores. The stores offer styles from classic traditional wear to Indo-Western fusions in stylish and fashionable designs. However, if you don't fancy splurging on a designer outfit to just wear for one day, many of the stores provide a selection of garments to hire for a fraction of the price. So whether you are looking for a stylish outfit to purchase or hire, you will be spoilt for choice.


Our final stop is in the diverse city of Bradford, situated in the metropolitan county of West Yorkshire. This city is globally recognised for it's rich culture, with a British Asian population of 2.21%.

Bradford is the home to Bombay stores, the UK's largest Asian department store. The store packs a lot under one roof with a wide selection of bridal wear, accessories and shoes as well as rails and rails of shimmering outfits and a large fabric department. Complete with staff dedicated to ensuring you find exactly what you are looking for, just one trip to this store might ensure that you find everything that you are looking for your big day.