Wedding Cake Trends 2017

Gayatri Pillai     13 Nov 2017

A wedding cake isn’t simply a sweet edition to you big day, it’s a centerpiece to capture the personalities of the couple. Nowadays couple are moving away from traditional options and becoming more adventurous and creative with their wedding cake choices. With a range of unique and classic styles to choose from, take a peek at our selection of the 10 hottest wedding cake trends of 2017 to serve up slices that will wow your guests.


Lace Cake

lace cake

A lace designed cake is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your centerpiece. This traditional and classic style is understated with beautiful designs to add a touch of class. Keep the design simple with little added detail for a sophisticated look. The simplicity, yet beauty of the lace effect makes this style a timeless classic. For an extra added touch, why not adorn the cake to replicate details from your wedding dress? Simple yet impressive.


Marble Cakes

marble cake


If you want to add a touch of contemporary style to your reception, then this cake style is a must for your big day. A marble inspired finish is the perfect cake design for a stylish and modern wedding. The minimalist style with a stone finish is designed with simple swirly patterns for a soft and understated look to make a chic statement on your big day.


Ombre Cakes

 ombre cake


Ombre has been an extremely popular trend this year and it isn’t showing any signs of disappearing any time soon. So why not incorporate this beautiful effect onto your wedding cake? This modern yet minimal style uses a fading effect to transition from a deep rich color to a paler shade using a subtle shift in colors. This whimsical and glamorous style can be as bold or pale as you like to fit to the color scheme of your reception. Simple, yet stunning.


Naked Cakes

naked cake

This rustic, striped down style cake is the perfect cake for couples looking for a a simplistic sweet centerpiece. In a stunning deconstructed style, the cake uses minimal or no icing to show off every layer of sponge with all the delicious fillings on display. However, if you would like more icing, a light skin coat of buttercream can be added for a half dressed, semi-naked effect. Dressed in minimal decoration of flowers or berries, this beautifully understated cake is certain to wow your guests.


Floral Cakes

floral cake

Florals have always been a very popular wedding cake trend, and it’s staying that way this year. Using intricate flowers designs through piping or sugar flowers, this garden fresh looking style is a real treat for the eyes as well as for your tastebuds. For an extra special touch, why not choose to add real edible flowers to your cake? This is sure to impress your guests and complete your centerpiece with the perfect rustic finish.


Hand Painted Cakes

hand painted cake

Turn your cake into a work of art with an artistic hand painted cake. This style is the most creative and unique option for couples looking to personalize their wedding cakes or customize it to reflect the specific theme of the reception. Choose the designs, colors and style that you desire to be painted directly onto the cake. It will look almost too good to eat.



Drip Cakes

drip cakes


Drip cakes are super trendy at the moment. The quirky style takes a unique spin on the traditional cake, with little added detail that packs a punch. A delicious dripping effect with smooth ganache oozes down the sides of the cake. This deliciously edible centerpiece just screams “eat me” and will have your guests mouth watering for a slice.



Metallic Cakes

metallic cakes

If you are planning a stylish and glam wedding, why not opt for a chic metallic cake to add a bit of sparkle and shimmer to your reception? The eye-catching style uses luxurious metallic designs and accents to create an effortlessly stylish cake. This cake will add instant glamour so that you can make a sparkly statement on your big day.



Surprise Inside Cakes

surprise inside cake

To bring a bit of fun to your reception, why not choose a playful style that adds an element of fun? This type of cake is a quirky trend with a surprise on the inside. The exterior of the cake is kept simple and plain while a vibrant and colorful surprise is revealed on the even striped layers once the cake is cut. Let the inside take centerstage to add a pop of color to your reception to make a subtle statement.


Beaded Cakes

beaded cakes


Wedding cakes don’t all have to be dressed in white. For couples who like a bit of bling, a marble cake is the perfect visual feast for your big day. This exquisite treat is interlaced with tiny edible sugar pearls that are intimately beaded to create a beautiful effect. It is no doubt that this cake will be a showstopper that all your guests will be talking about.