Top Bridal Henna Design Trends

Gayatri Pillai     28 Oct 2017

Adorning the bride's hands and feet in beautiful henna designs is a traditional custom for South Asian weddings. The stunning patterns and intricate designs enhance the ethnic beauty of the bride, and are often part of rituals during the wedding process.

A popular belief about the henna is that the darker the color stains the brides skin, the more her husband will love her. Often, the groom's initials are hidden in the pattern, which they have to look closely to find.

The art has evolved over the years with new styles and designs. With plenty of options to choose from, we have listed our top 10 henna styles, from simple minimalistic patterns to complex artistries. Whether is it a traditional or contemporary design you are looking for, you're sure to find the perfect style for your special day.



Mandala patterns are a very popular henna design choice. This style consists of a large circle arranged in the palm of the hand, surrounded by floral patterns and designs. Fully designed fingers make the central design stand out, while circular motifs and dots complete this henna style. Perfect for brides who want a traditional, yet simple design.


mughal mehendi

Just like the Mughals kings and queens, this style is also kept rich and elegant. This timeless classic style incorporates Mughal architectural designs and patterns to create a striking impact. These elaborate patterns includes the shapes of domes, arches and windows filled with intricate designs to give an embellishing look to the hands. Lots of ornate and dotted work is used to finish off this enchanting look.



Your bridal henna does not have to take the focus away from your wedding ring. Decorate your hands in henna designs that put the focus on your wedding ring. The dark henna patterns contrasts against the shiny ring making it stand out even more. You can even incorporate designs to highlight the patterns or styles of the ring onto the henna pattern to replicate it. A charming and beautiful way to complete your bridal look.




If you prefer simple and elegant mehendi designs, why not opt for a minimalistic pattern? Basic, light designs with delicate details have been the latest henna trend. The simplicity of the pattern makes the design look extreamly elegant to create a clean and chic look. Trendy yet graceful.


coloued mehendi

Move away from mono-colored henna and jazz it up by adding a vibrant pop of color. For brides who want to opt for something a little different on their wedding day, colored henna is a non traditional, yet trendy option to make you dazzle and sparkle. Glitter and color embellished henna has been an exquisite and eye-catching trend that creates a glamorous and modern vibe. Why not choose the colors to match your outfit?



For brides who want to keep it simple but stylish, symmetrical henna is a fresh and unique style that creates a beautiful mirrored effect when both palms are joined together. While each side of the hands look impressive themselves, the complete picture of both hands look stunning together. Perfectly symmetrical patterns make this design stand out more.



Rajasthan is known for it's rich colors and culture, which are implicated into their elaborate henna designs. The beautifully done patterns incorporate elephants and peacocks into the work, as well as designs from Rajasthani traditions. The delicate markings are finely done and typically cover both sides of the hands, up to the elbows and does not leave much clear space. Perfect for a royal bride who wants a more traditional henna design.



For the brides that want to move away from swirls and curls, why not opt for a variety of lines and shapes? Geometric henna designs are made up of triangular and diamond patterns to create a beautiful, eye-catching design. When combines, the lines and patterns form a modern and edgy design that depicts Moroccan tribal art. The linear details and striking designs stand out to create a unique look for a modern bride.




The graceful peacock has been a global sign of beauty and love, so why not replicate the beauty and charm of this majestic bird into your henna design? The peacock pattern is one of the most impressive and popular henna designs. The long elaborate feathers, combined with swirls and flower patterns create a pretty and feminine design. This style will definitely create a flutter at your wedding.



Florals have been a very popular trend this year, so why not incorporate this design into your henna? Intricate textures and shapes of flowers are delicately drawn to flourish the bride's hands. The artist can use a combination of different types of flowers, petals and leaves to reflect the beauty of nature into the henna design. The patterns can be kept simple or detailed to create an elegant and feminine design.