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Gayatri Pillai     02 Aug 2016

Wearing Flats on Your Wedding Day?

Do you fear tripping over your tall heels and falling on your wedding day? Walking down the aisle can be nerve wreaking enough without the fear of an unfortunate fall. The type of shoes you decide to wear on your big day can greatly affect your comfort level. Your wedding shoes should reflect your personal style to make you look and feel fabulous, without compromising on comfort or style.

One bride’s answer to this dilemma was a beautiful pair of lightweight slip on TOMS flats.

wedding shoes

Designed with intricate gold lace patterns, these elegant, yet super stylish shoes complimented Bride Salma’s gorgeous red lehenga perfectly by matching the gold border and detailing on the outfit to bring the whole look together.

wedding toms

Salma, a fashion design student herself knows a thing or two about keeping it together and showing her attitude in this avant-garde silhouette. Not everyone can carry such a bold idea and rock at it.

wedding heels

I personally find it completely amazing to put your own stamp on your big day, questions are how are you going to do it? 

From the Bride:

You had some of the boldest fashion choices for your wedding. how did you go about it, and what kind of reactions did you get? The reason I choose to wear the TOMS for my wedding is because I didn’t want to look taller than my husband, but also because it reflects my personality perfectly. Most people surprisingly loved it and knew this perfectly represented me.

wedding heels

What style did you go for? “I went for a gold lace style to match my wedding outfit. I do love the look of traditional brides, but I wanted my wedding shoes to be a little different. I knew Jimmy Choo’s and Louboutin’s weren’t for me.”

So, Dress Me Desi Brides to be, would you have the guts to do this? Can’t picture yourself wearing six-inch heels on your big day? Here are a few reasons to wear flats on your wedding day for practical and personal preferences.

They Are Comfortable

wedding toms flats 

There’s nothing worse than being miserable on your special day because of aching feet. You’re likely to be on your feet all day so a reliable pair of flats will keep your feet feeling comfortable all-day long and while dancing the night away.

It’s Easier for Dress Fittings

wedding toms flats 

If you have your dress fitting before choosing shoes, the wrong pair of heels can be disastrous to the way the dress is hemmed. The height difference with flats on is minimal so it won’t matter if you have them are your fitting or not.

You Are Likely to Wear Them Again

wedding toms flats 

Chances are, you are less likely to wear the extravagant wedding heels after the big day. Pick up a pair that you can rock on your wedding day, and that you and reuse to pair with your other outfits again and again.

You Are Less Likely to Trip

It’s something all brides worry about. Avoid any embarrassing missteps or ankle sprains with a stable pair of flats. It is a lot less likely to happen with flat shoes and will help you feel more confident when walking down the aisle.