How To Hire the BEST Wedding Photographer for YOU!

Nikki Patel     04 Dec 2017

To capture the most memorable day of your life, you need to find the right photographer. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. Make sure you read our top tips to ensure you find ‘The One’.

Say Cheese!  

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What’s their portfolio?

Remember - websites only show the best pictures!

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Call the photographer and ask to view full galleries from a wedding that they have personally shot (not somebody else from the company).


You’ll be able to see the full scale of their work.   


What’s their schedule?

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This is really obvious, but make sure you know your photographers schedule… it’s amazing how many people are left waiting for their pictures because the photographer was on vacation!


Have you planned to shoot on location? Make sure your photographer is available on all required days and is OK to travel at your required times.


Make sure your photographer is available on backup days in case of weather issues!


Are you likeminded?

It’s really important to be comfortable in front of the camera on such a big day. Intimate moments will be shared with your photographer. Would you feel more comfortable with a female photographer?

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Meet your photographer and have a chat.


If you have certain ideas of how you want your wedding to be shot, discuss them with your photographer and if you vibe with them – they’re the one.


Who is on their team?

If you’re going with a company, make sure you always speak to the actual person who will be photographing your wedding.


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Maybe you want multiple photographers to ensure that everything is captured?


Perhaps someone on hand to shoot candid moments while another is gathering shots of the décor.



What’s in their standard contract?

Behind the fun & games and the beautiful pictures, lies the very important contract.

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Whether you want to upload your pictures on social media, or keep them strictly private – make sure you know what’s in the contract.  

Who has the full rights to the pictures? Do they need to be watermarked? Read the full terms & conditions!