A guide to Minimalistic South Asian Weddings

Hina Ilyas     09 Oct 2017

Quite often people associate a minimalist wedding with a wedding on a budget which is meant to cut down as many expenses as possible. Actually, they are cutting down as many experiences as possible. A Minimalist wedding is not about that. It is about making sure that your big day is unforgettable.

A minimalist South Asian wedding experience is truly one of a kind, irrespective of whether a lot of money was spent on the wedding or not. Allow us to pen down a few guidelines to pull off a successful wedding in the most minimalistic yet fulfilling way.

Eliminate the clutter

South Asian Weddings
Let’s begin by eliminating what is not mandatory so that you can focus on what is important. That’s what minimalism is all about! Each couple is going to have different priorities, expectations and desires. Talk it out and decide what each of you find important and leave the rest out of the celebration.

Be smart about who should attend your big day

South Asian Weddings
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South Asian weddings tend to become these large gatherings where people that you haven’t spoken to in 5 years are still invited. While you shouldn’t exclude your loved ones from attending such a festive event, it really is okay if you don’t invite your father’s 2nd cousin’s daughter’s mother-in-law. There is no need to invite every person your family has ever known, or have seven events because that’s what the family has always done, or invite absolutely everybody just because Aunty Parveen would be offended if you didn’t. Focus on what makes the bride and the groom happy rather than trying to impress people who will keep complaining even after all the efforts that you have put in the wedding.

"Simply" Rock that Décor

South Asian Weddings
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Keep the decor simple and elegant. Stick to the bare minimum when it comes to choosing a color palate. Light color themes like lilac and ivory, grey and turquoise, a toned down fuchsia and ochre work best for daytime. If you want to go for a louder combination, then add gold or silver to the palette but remember to balance it out! If you try to incorporate a lot of themes in a single event, you will just end up confused and discontented!

The Menu

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Settle on a menu that’s quality oriented. While high tea works wonders at a minimalist wedding, we know South Asians probably don’t want to send their guests away with just tea. Indulge in a limited menu that features some delectable options, instead of one that has a huge variety but compromises on quality! Remember our taste buds know quality food, not the number of dishes one serves! Be smart!

Don’t try to please everyone

At every wedding, you will meet that group of complainers who were not satisfied with something. Maybe the food was awful, the DJ played terrible music, they got stuck all the way at the back of the room and couldn’t see the bride and groom, or they had to inconvenience themselves to attend the wedding - the list can go on and on. Keep in mind planning a wedding is hard and expensive; be supportive to each other and focus on what’s important.
South Asian Weddings
Remember you can still have a happy, glamorous wedding by following this minimalistic aspect. Happiness is not always driven by extravaganza and thankfully, lot of South Asian families are realizing it! What do you think, would you opt for a minimalistic wedding? Let us know in the comments section.

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