About Us

The idea was born when attending a very close friend’s wedding. The bride and groom had to go through multiple websites, text messages, meetings, and WhatsApp groups to finalise vendors for their wedding.

Also having to attend three friend’s wedding in a year, each wedding required a minimum of two to four outfits. With no trips to South Asian on the horizon, things were beginning to look dicey. Should we buy? No! what’s the point buying something expensive, that we wouldn’t want to wear again and it would be just sulking away in our closet! Could we repeat outfits? Umh, but what if someone noticed? Or worse yet, what if someone saw the same outfit posted on Facebook/Instagram? Shudder! We would never live it down.

The chaos and lack of organised wedding planning services gave birth to Dressmedesi.

The mission is to democratize luxury in the UK. –everybody deserves a Cinderella experience. Dressmedesi is a comprehensive wedding resource which not only helps its customer choose the right vendor, but also provide millions of men and women the ability to rent ethnic Indian/Pakistani outfits for a fraction of the retail price, allowing them to look, and more importantly, feel, beautiful for all their special occasion.

Inspiring others to make choices that are sustainable and save the world through smart fashion. How? We do know that clothing has a major impact on the planet: fibre production is water - and energy-intensive, manufacturing is highly polluting, labour is linked to human rights abuses, and “fast fashion” consumption is hugely wasteful. So, anything that might reduce the flood of clothing flowing through our closets sounds like the greatest idea
The business is designed to introduce this new approach to consumerism and help understand that there are some items worth investing in and owning and others that make more sense to rent. Right from the idea to the execution stage, there is something to be discovered for everyone. We strongly believe that this portal is a labour of love to ensure every couple to have their dream wedding a hassle-free affair.
It's not about owning a piece of clothing. It’s about owning the look and owning the experience

Yours Truly, Dress Me Desi