5 Cool Pre Wedding Indulgences

Nikki Patel     20 Oct 2017

Before the big day arrives, why not take some well-deserved time out to relax and have fun. Even the simple things are indulgences during wedding planning!

Favourite meal

Favourite Meal
Whether you’ve been avoiding carbs or dessert, take a night off from your wedding diet and visit your favourite restaurant with your girlfriends to catch up on life outside the wedding bubble!

Spa Day

Favourite Meal
Relax your muscles and cleanse your skin with a spa session. You’ll be ready to face the next set of wedding tasks with a calm mind and calm skin!

Watch a Movie

Favourite Meal
It’s easy to forget that normal life exists when you’re planning a wedding. Go catch a movie to take your mind away for a few hours

Family Time

Favourite Meal
Take the family somewhere nice at the weekend and enjoy the company. How about the beach, or the woods?

A Night In

Favourite Meal
Call over your favourite friends and family for a night in. Make sure there’s plenty of food and drink, games and movies… and lots of laughs!