13 Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Love

Gayatri Pillai     30 Jan 2018

Show your guests some love and appreciation for attending and taking part in your wedding by treating them to favors that they will love to receive. Impress every single guest with a little piece of your special day to take home with them to make a lasting impression. If you are unsure of what favors to gift your guests with, we have listed our top 13 wedding favors that your guests will love and can happily use long after your big day.


Personalized Chocolate

 chocolate wedding

Who doesn’t love to receive a personalized treat? We can’t think of a sweeter wedding favor to treat your guests with, and theres no better way to say thank you than with chocolates. It’s hard to go wrong with a delicious wedding favor and edible delights will always go down a real treat. Personalize the wrapping with your wedding date or with the guests initials to make them feel extra special.


Little Jars Of Jam

jam wedding

What says thank you better than a homely and thoughtful gift from the heart? A delicious jar of sweet jam is the perfect sweet favor for a rustic, vintage wedding. This gift has a long shelf life so your guests can use it long after your wedding day. Decorate the tiny jars with cute name tags and ribbons for an extra special touch that your guests will love.



French Macaroons

wedding favors

Spoil your guests with a sweet treat that is as pretty as it is delicious. Macaroons are a beautiful finishing touch to your wedding and a wonderfully indulgent treat. This pretty and elegant gift comes in a wide range of flavors, colors and fillings to choose from for the perfect edible gift. A sweet treat that looks seriously chic, and is almost too goof to eat.



Scented Candles

 wedding favors candles

Your guests will fall in love with a sweet smelling scented candle. Candles make super classy gifts and are perfect favors for a simple and elegant wedding. Replace the candle sticker with a customized one with date of the wedding for a personalized finish. Don’t forget to make sure that the candles smell delightful.



soaps wedding favors

Give your guests the gift of ultimate relaxation with a heavenly scented gift. A sweet smelling soap is one of the most practical wedding favors. Not only does it smell great, but this fragrant favor is something that your guests will definitely use. If you want to be a bit creative, you and your partner can make your own handmade soaps by pairing your favorite scent combinations to create your own customized favor for your guests. They are quick and easy to make, and a great gift option.


Lip Balm

 wedding favors

Treat your guests with a grooming essential to help them take care of their lips by keeping them conditioned and moisturized. Lip balms or chapsticks are a thoughtful favor and a handy addition to each of your guests’ handbag or pocket. Let them know you appreciate them by giving them a gift to keep their lips pampered and protected. They are sure to appreciate it.


Tea Or Coffee

 wedding favors

Nothing quite compares to the feeling of indulging a good cup of tea or coffee. Your guests will appreciate the gift of a perfect brew to bring home and enjoy once the celebrations are over. Pick out your favorite blends of tea or coffee to treat your guests with and they will remember your wedding as they make their cup of morning refreshment that you gifted them with.



wedding favors

A lasting mug full of love is a great option for a wedding favor that your guests will enjoy using over and over again. Customize the mug to represent your wedding day by choosing a style and design that suits the theme of your special day. For an extra treat, why not add a sachet of hot chocolate inside to really show you guests how much you appreciate them?



wedding favors

The best wedding favors are sentimental, while still being useful to your guests. Coasters are a functional household item and practical gift that your guests can use after the wedding to protect their furniture from watermarks, while displaying a memento of your special day. Find a coaster that compliments your wedding and adds a perfect finish to your guests dining tables.


Salt And Pepper Shakers

wedding favors

Salt and pepper shakers are the perfect finishing touch to your wedding day. This gift symbolizes the perfect pairing of two things, just like your marriage. Bring a little love to your guests dining table with this adorable wedding favor to say thank you simply and sweetly. The perfect loving sentiment.



Mini Succulents

 wedding favors

Make your guests feel loved with an elegant yet exotic succulent plant. These green little treats have been a very trendy and popular favor option. This unusual and quirky wedding gift adds a little modern charm and if the perfect treat for your guests after a rustic, outdoor wedding. With plenty of shapes and styles to choose from, your guests can freshen up their desks with these mini succulents that are easy to maintain and look great.


Soundtrack Of Your Wedding

wedding favors

Keep your guests singing along to a selection of handpicked songs from your wedding reception by giving them a soundtrack of your special day to take home. This is a fun favor to gift to your guests with so that they can remember your special day when listening to the CD in their car. Consider slipping the CD into a personalized sleeve and hand them out to your guests at the end of the wedding.




wedding favors

A donation made in your guests’ name to a charitable organization close to your heart is a thoughtful gift that they are sure to appreciate. Place a card on every guests’ table to explain which charity you have decided to donate the money to on behalf of your guests and mention a few words about the organization. This is a gracious way to thank your guests instead of getting them a gift, by giving to those in need.